Lauren Robinson



The ARRC was founded in 2018, by Lauren Robinson & CoFounder, Becca Weber (now with RRR.) 


I have been active in dog rescue for 13 years, starting in Sacramento, CA as a young, independent rescuer, helping local street dogs in need. It wasn't until relocating to Houston, TX in 2015 that I realized the great need for rescue resources, witnessing the devastating stray animal epidemic that has spiraled across Texas. In 2016, she chose to further her passion in canine behavior & training, mentoring under multiple CPDT & independent trainers for 2+ years. My mission is to continue obtaining the knowledge & improving my skills to set my rescues up for success by building their confidence & giving them the tools they need to thrive in life. I have a soft spot for feral dogs & rehabilitating those that need that special approach & sometimes, a reset.

"Dog rescue isn't a hobby, it's a passion."


Spotlight Pup

Preston was pulled from Harris County Animal Shelter in January, 2020. He was surrendered with his sibling, riddled with heartworms & an untreated heart condition. He was 84lbs upon intake, weak, & defeated. We thought for sure he would end up being a hospice case & live out his days with us, but Preston has had other plans. He has since breezed through heartworm treatment & is like a whole new dog with the proper medication to keep his heart pumping strong. Due to his heart condition, he is not a good candidate for anesthesia, so it will take a special family to love & accept him into their home, despite being unable to be neutered. He is extremely friendly with other dogs & loves having a buddy to hang out with. He loves his humans & lights up at the sight of children so being 103lbs now, he'll do best with kiddos that are more stable on their feet :) This boy has a lot of love to give & we know there's a Dane loving family out there, waiting for him!