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In rescue, much of our inquiries needing placement for dogs is often times due to a behavioral concern or an ongoing issue that finally escalated. Dogs are not born understanding our language & how the world works; If we don't show them the way, this creates a world of untranslatable frustration for dogs & their people. With a strong background & understanding of canine behavior, we feel that adopting out dogs with unaddressed behavioral challenges can be a recipe for disaster. Adopting a new friend should be an exciting thing & the last thing we ever want is to potentially create a difficult situation for anyone to have to manage. We strive to offer lifelong happiness with you & your new friend & giving our dogs & adopters the tools needed to succeed, helps us continue to do just that! We don't always know their background & we cannot guarantee the perfect dog, but with a combined effort, we will always offer support & solutions, supporting realistic expectations & overall good dog behavior. 

We know that the times we're in make it more challenging  to work with a trainer directly, so we've decided to offer something different through SayLess Dog Training to best accommodate & cater to each family's specific needs, while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions & social distancing.

Any trainer can show you how it's done, however we prefer a different approach to help YOU connect with your dog through positive training techniques & saving you money, at the same time!

Each client will require a brief questionnaire & an initial consultation for a behavioral evaluation.  Together, we will formulate realistic training goals & an appropriate training plan to follow. (Multiple dog households can be combined into one consultation)

Some of the topics that can be covered are, but not limited to are: 

  • Puppies for Beginners

Touching on all puppy behaviors, quirks, & positive training methods to help shape the behavior of your growing puppy, into a well rounded companion

  • The Basics

Basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Wait), Recall, Leash Manners, Impulse Control, House Manners, Crate/House Training, Relaxation Techniques, Excessive Barking, Jumping, Mouthing, Destructive behaviors, Pre & Post adoption support, Decompression


  • Socialization

Polite/calm greetings & interactions (with humans & other animals,) feral/fearful dogs, appropriate group play,  proper social skills in public, as well as learning how to read dog body language & play styles!

  • Rehabilitation & Behavior Modification

Fear/Shyness, Separation Anxiety, Barrier or Leash aggression/reactivity, Animal/Human aggression (Aggression will be handled on a case by case basis. If it is determined that an in-home lesson is necessary, we will support you further in getting set up and/or or assisting with finding a professional near you)


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