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We simply could not continue without the help of our generous donors & supporters.

Your donations helps us cover exam fees, vaccinations, microchips, heartworm & flea prevention, heartworm treatment, & to be able to feasibly meet the specific medical needs of each animal intake, which can vary significantly from skin infections to heart relates issues & injuries. So many of our intakes are brought to our attention by other animal advocates & rescuers & we like to give our supporters the opportunity to follow their favorite saves on their roads to new beginnings! Here you can choose to donate to a specific animal or any of our current goals that we are working towards. Your donations go towards helping us sustain & provide what we can for our fosters by assisting with some of our day to day essentials such as food, crates, collars, leashes, toys, blankets/bedding, towels, crates, heartworm/flea prevention, dewormer, supplements, etc.)

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Feature Pups Needing Sponsors

Each    supporter that chooses to sponsor a specific dog will receive mailed or emailed, monthly updates & a special Thank You from your sponsored friend!

Fern is heartworm positive & still recovering from a severe case of scabies & malnutrition. Her heartworm treatment will cost about $800 if our slow kill method is ineffective. 
Preston requires monthly eye ointment (Optimmune) to help keep his eyes lubricated, as they do not produce tears as normal. He is also on 3 heart medications to support the function of his heart due to cardiomyopathy. The cost of all medication & 10 cups of food per day, is about $450 per month.
Eddy needs a neuter sponsor!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!